Landing Page development plan. Fast delivery time


Client satisfaction guaranteed! You did not like the product have 30 days for payment refund

Creating a landing page allows you to target your audience, offer them something of value, and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into leads, while also capturing information about who they are and what they’ve converted on.

By crafting well-designed landing pages, you can start turning your site visitors into paying customers. Landing pages can also be used as sign-up pages to further build your email list. They can be utilized through interlinking within your website or other external means such as email blast links or organic search results.

Delivery time:

  • 1-4 Days


  • Shared Hosting (Free for 1 month)($8 monthly payment after)
  • Advanced maintenance (Free for 1 month)(Then continue with Standard maintenance for $20 a month and possibility to upgrade)
  • Priority Support Service (mail & direct chat. Free for 1 month)(Then continue with Standard maintenance plan and possibility to upgrade)
  • 1 Mailing account with 512Mbs (Free of charge for 3 months)(Then $10.00 per month)
  • Capacitation course for 1 user (Valid for 3 months)

Web Hosting:

A web or website host is a company that owns servers located within the country or overseas. You purchase a hosting account which gives you the server space for your website files to be stored on. These files can then be accessed and browsed by all visitors to your website. There are three common hosting types:

Shared hosting – this will be the cheapest option offered by a web host. Your website will share the server with others.
VPS hosting – It is still a shared situation but you have more capacity to run your website depending on how much you are willing to pay to upgrade your plan. This costs more than shared hosting.

Dedicated hosting – With our Affiliate SiteGround Web Hosting your website will reside on a server all by itself, and you will have special discounts for maintenance. This option is great to host several websites. You have complete control.

Web hosting is a recurring expense usually charged yearly, for as long as you want to keep your website and associated services up. You can register and maintain a web hosting account yourself with a hosting company or you can hire our shared hosting service, where we can deal with all the hosting corresponding issues without you having to solve it by yourself!
Here are our ParanaTiger Shared Web Hosting Terms and Conditions.


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